We Understand How Children Learn. COMPUTERTOTS/COMPUTER EXPLORERS, a company built on sound educational principles, has been teaching children about technology since 1983. We have the experience that counts! Our classes are uniquely designed using state of the art technology, our COMPUTERTOTS/COMPUTER EXPLORERS curriculum and developmentally appropriate software. Our class structure is geared to small, collaborative learning groups. We use proven teaching strategies that effectively capture children’s attention and stimulate young mind.

The COMPUTERTOTS/COMPUTER EXPLORERS programs are designed as supplemental programs to provide children with a creative, discovery – oriented computer experience. These programs are directed toward children ages 3 to 12 years. Generally, each child receives one hour of instruction in small groups. The classes meet on a weekly basis, four times monthly.

Our main objective is to provide children with the type of technology skills needed to excel in the world of tommorrow. With the world becoming incresingly dependent on technology, it is apparent that citizens of the future will need more than just knowing how to use a computer, instead they will need a high level of technology literacy. Our program welcomes students into a progressive curriculum that begins with foundational skills which rapidly lead to advanced skills and knowledge. The teaching-learning process will continue to be conducted in our typical educational setting designed to make learning both FUN and educational.